The previous blog shows you how to setup a blog with hexo and github pages. Here we are going to make it further.

  • Setup custom domain name for your blog
  • Setup cloudflare for content caching and https support
  • Setup apex domain name and a www sub domain
  • Setup cloudflare dns records with flattening CNAME record
  • Configure cloudflare
    • ipv6
    • hsts
    • flexible/full ssl
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  • Hexo is a fast and powerful site generator designed specifically for personal blogging. There is a lot of plugins to make it even powerful.
  • With the power of travis, you can automate the site generating progress and separate the process of editing from publishing.
  • You can deploy your generated site to github pages, a free and easy-to-use page hosting service.

This article is going to instruct you to setup a blog with these handy tools.

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最近在学习”APIs on Rails”这本书,这是学习第八章”Placing Orders”的学习笔记。


  • 理解Rails中的模型关联(Model Association)
  • 知道模型关联的基本知识和几种常见模式
  • 使用joint table来建立多对多的模型
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